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The Irene Cottage Homes are innovative new homes developed for New Englanders rebuilding after Tropical Storms Irene and Sandy, or for those seeking affordable, energy efficient homes anywhere in the northern regions of the US. Irene Cottage Homes were conceived and developed in partnership with non-profit organizations, public agencies, and interested professional groups, which are listed at the bottom of the webpage. The five home types were developed to address the following scenarios and interest groups:

  1. FEMA trailer alternatives
    For individuals or neighborhoods needing replacement housing in the wake of a natural disaster.
  2. Mobile home replacements
    The Sterling Two-Bedroom offers a comparable footprint to a mobile home with the benefit of a substantially better thermal envelope and a stronger potential to hold market value.
  3. Auxiliary homes
    By placing a second home on an existing lot, it allows the primary home to be rented. The occupants of the first home can age-in-place or downsize into the smaller, detached Irene Cottage Home. This also provides an opportunity for more homes in existing neighborhoods.
  4. Planning Advantages
    The narrow profiles of certain homes are ideal for clustering, Planned Unit Developments (PUD), or a typical development with confined lots.

The Irene Cottage Homes incorporate New England values of simplicity, efficiency, practicality. They provide the flexibility for a smarter, affordable home that can meet the changing needs of a household. These homes offer the following features:

  1. Advanced Framing Techniques
    This system of building reduces lumber while increasing the insulation to provide a comfortable, energy efficient home that uses fewer natural resources compared to conventionally framed homes.
  2. ENERGY STAR certification
    These plans are even upgradable to a high performance option that exceeds ENERGY STAR and provides long-term energy savings, comfort, and affordability.
  3. Modular
    Plans are efficiently laid out with flexible rooms providing spaces for multiple uses. Locations have been planned for additional bedrooms, enclosed porches, and enlarged living spaces to accommodate growing families or as additional resources become available.
  4. New England Appeal
    Irene Cottage Homes evoke New England characteristics through their symmetrical massing, materials, details, and traditional finishes.

In the wake of Tropical Storms Irene and Sandy, thousands of homes were left in need of major repairs. Others were completely destroyed and need rebuilding. Some individuals with irreparable sites and homes subject to future flooding were required to find housing on other land. For many in the path of natural disasters, the cost of replacing a destroyed home is simply cost prohibitive. Even before these storms struck, New Englanders have watched as the gap between their income and the cost of housing grows wider. As energy prices rise, the ability of individuals and families to find appropriate, comfortable shelter at an affordable price is becoming more challenging by the year. In addition, New Englanders reaching retirement age want homes that allow them to live independently for as long as possible.

The Irene Cottage Homes represent one strategy to turn the following challenges into an opportunity:

  1. Can we design a smarter home that is smaller but efficiently organized to minimize cost while maximizing the utility of the space?
  2. Can we build a house that emphasizes energy efficiency for comfort and livability at a lower cost?
  3. Can a home be attractive and adaptable to the changing needs of a household?
  4. Can such a home fit into a rural setting, a village, or a city neighborhood?

We believe the Irene Cottage Homes meet and exceed these challenges.

What makes the Irene Cottage Homes so special?
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Remodeling and Home Design

The IRENE COTTAGE HOMES are innovative new homes developed for New Englanders rebuilding after Tropical Storms Irene and Sandy, or for those seeking affordable, energy efficient homes anywhere in the region.

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