Irene Cottage Homes

Thank You!

Thank you for considering the purchase of a set of plans from the Irene Cottage Homes collection! Our construction drawings provide a comprehensive set of documents for the construction of your home from the roof down to the foundation rim.

To proceed with your order, please read and agree to the terms on this page.

Plan Modifications

We understand your home needs may vary from what our plans provide. You may want another bedroom, bathroom, or a screened-in porch. Our plans were designed with flexibility and expandability in mind and some of those possibilities are illustrated in our drawings. As accomplished professional architects, we can modify your plans to best meet your desires at an affordable additional cost. Please call us at 802-275-5110 to discuss your specific project requirements.

What's Included

    Contains general information regarding the drawing set, such as: building and energy codes, ENERGY STAR certification guidelines, general notes, and drawing symbols.
    Each floor of the home is shown in detail. The position and dimensions of doors, windows, walls, stairs, porches, and columns are indicated.
  3. floor framing plans
    For each level, we indicate floor joists and wall stud locations, sizes, and spacing as well as the lumber grade, bracing, and blocking.
  4. electrical ceiling plans
    Suggested locations of switches, outlets, and fixtures are shown on these plans. The electrical system design and precise placement of all elements is dictated by applicable codes. Design of the electrical system needs to be completed/installed by a qualified electrician.
  5. roof plans
    Components, such as the ridge vent, slope, underlayment, overbuild, and roofing material are indicated on this plan.
  6. foundation plans
    Plans include information for the foundation layouts and dimensions with drainage and insulation details. As with any stock house plan, the foundation structure must be designed by a licensed engineer familiar with the specific conditions of your site, including any elevation required by the Base Flood Elevation in flood zones.
  7. Exterior Elevations
    These drawings illustrate the front, left, right, and back sides of the home, showing the composition of the walls roofs, doors, windows, and porches. Finish materials are also noted.
  8. Interior Elevations
    These drawings illustrate the interior walls of the house. They include the position and dimensions of the most involved cabinets, built-ins or trim work in the kitchens and bathrooms.
  9. Finish Schedules
    All plans include door, window, and interior finish schedules. Finishes may be substituted to suit a specific style or need.
  10. Wall Sections
    These are typically provided at the rake, eave, and porches to show the relationships between these components of the home.
  11. Details
    The plans include many details describing current best practices for advanced framing techniques that typically reduce lumber and increase the performance of the thermal envelope. Some of the details include the foundations, rim joists, sills, heads, eaves, rakes, stairs, railings, attic vents, wall framing, window flashing, truss diagrams, porches, and notation with references for proper air sealing.

What's Not Included

  1. Heating & Plumbing Plans
    These plans need to be supplied by local subcontractors or a licensed engineer.
  2. Material Quantity Lists
    Obtain these lists from the contractor you choose, or from the local building material supplier you are purchasing the materials from.
  3. Construction Cost Estimates
    Accurate construction cost estimates need to be made from the construction drawings, not from the small-scale design drawings from a brochure or this website. We suggest consulting with a local builder to provide an estimate of those specific costs.
  4. Architectural & Engineering Seals
    Certain cities and states require a licensed architect or engineer to review and seal, or officially approve a set of construction drawings. Before you build, contact your local building official to find out if such a review or stamps are required. Our stock plans are not stamped. However, plans modified by Studio Nexus may be sealed in states where we are licensed. Please contact us for more information.

Ordering Information:

Please call 802-275-5110 to order your plans.
  1. Orders contain one reproducible set of drawings and a one-time construction license.
  2. All sales on home plans and customization/modifications are final.
  3. No refunds or exchanges can be given once your order has been received.
  4. Local taxes may apply and will be calculated at the time of your order.
What makes the Irene Cottage Homes so special?
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Remodeling and Home Design

The IRENE COTTAGE HOMES are innovative new homes developed for New Englanders rebuilding after Tropical Storms Irene and Sandy, or for those seeking affordable, energy efficient homes anywhere in the region.

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