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Welcome to Studio Nexus Architects + Planners, LLC

Studio is a creative environment where design is approached with thoughtfulness and innovation considering human scale, aesthetics, context, light, efficiency, and comfort. Our goal is to bring joy and excitement to the end users of the environments we create.
Nexus is the collaborative link between individuals within a group. Born from the inspiration of two talented architects, the connection between our clients, our studio and our consultants is the essence and strength of our firm.
Studio Nexus creates the link between conceptual ideas and the built environment. In an ever more technically advanced world, successful design relies on seamlessly integrating knowledge from specialized fields into one. Our process integrates key consulting disciplines into the conceptual design phase of a project, allowing troubleshooting to take place early on to avoid complications and cost overruns.
Our studio brings thoughtful collaborative design services to the clients we serve. We provide our clients with innovative and sustainable architectural design solutions using strategic partnerships, specialized expertise, active and honest communication, and timely project delivery. Our goal is to achieve long-term collaborative relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
All of our principals are LEED-certified; however, we go beyond LEED requirements in our approach to every project. Our goals are to reduce waste, improve interior environments, lower lifecycle costs and provide the most sustainable and economical use of the earth's resources and energy. We apply the highest quality standards acceptable to our clients to achieve the proper balance between quality and cost.
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